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Okay, I’ve been riding the Cougar Town train for weeks now, laughing out loud at Jules and her wacky circle of pals. A fair amount of suspension of disbelief is required to buy into this show but the lines are so funny that you just jump right in. Yet last night I had a hard time at first understanding why the super-nice Jules would dump the (dumb-as-a-post) hunka-hunka burnin’ love that is Josh based on the advice her mean best friend and dopy employee. I mean the man barely snores and is good at stomping on cockroaches. And he’s young enough to still be able to carry her around in her dotage. Sure, he needed kissing training last week and his declaration of love was a bit (okay way) more intense than anything she was feeling but did she have to be so harsh (“Don’t love you, never will. Tough cookies!”). Of course, the previous night’s make-up sex after the first attempted break up might help him get over it, but it still might take about a week, like Bobby said. Speaking of Jules’ slacker ex…

Despite the fact that she’s recently gotten him to take all of his things out of her house, Bobby is still finding plenty of reasons to interact with Jules, from using her to win a bet and help his sagging finances to his sweet little pep talk. Yet somehow she’s not getting that she should apply her latest bit of “wisdom” to Bobby as well as Josh: Give a guy any strings to hold on to, you just know that he’ll cling to them forever.

As for the other men in her life, it’s pretty fun to watch the irrascible Grayson buddying up to Bobby, though he’ll have to watch his back now that Bobby’s psychotic superfan, Andy, is feeling threatened. And at least the breakup has one upside: Travis won’t have to contemplate shooting himself since Josh and his perfect (abtastic) body won’t be roaming around the house, interferring with Travis getting his mack on with Laurie. (Ohio!)

Still, while I know the Jules-Josh breakup was a good setup for building a thing between Jules and Grayson, since it’s called Cougar Town won’t she have to still keep going out with some younger guys? And does Jules really not know that Bobby is still pining for her?

My favorite throwaway line: “Why not just go with it, Russ?” –Jules when Bobby’s friend wouldn’t let her pretend she remembered him


“I’m hoping my son’s first time is a little more romantic and a little less ‘Hold on tight!'”-Jules after Laurie offered to take Travis’ virginity

Next fave: “I’m your best friend, I know these things. Plus you have a condom wrapper on your back.”–Ellie when Julie asked how she knew she’d had sex

How about you?

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