Well, Kim Bauer finally did something right: She gave Jack Bauer a grandchild, which is clearly the most important element in the new trailer for 24‘s eighth season:

With 24 being casually referred to by Keith Olbermann earlier this week as “torture porn,” and George W. Bush recently reported to have asked Carlos Bernard when Tony Almeida was going to get back into action, you know this combination TV-thriller and political-football is still capable of being… either terrible or white-knuckle fantastic next season.

From this glimpse, doesn’t it look as though Benito Martinez (Aceveda on The Shield) will probably be one of those characters who tells CTU there’s a Big Terrorist Plot About To Explode and then gets sniper-shot within the first three hours? An assassination attempt (here, on a U.N. representative) is probably a throwback to the original premise that got 24 rolling, and may suggest a welcome return to the show’s semi-realistic roots, rather than the baroque huggermugger 24 has engaged in recently.

Chloe looks just a little glammed up, President Taylor (Emmy-winner Cherry Jones) looks suitably pained by yet another of Jack’s imperatives (“You need to pay attention to this!”), and Jack — well, that growly voice makes for one cuddly grandfather, doesn’t it?

It all starts January 17. Fox isn’t going to let you forget it as you watch the World Series, either.

What do you think?