Yes, I’m increasingly enthusiastic about this season’s Sons of Anarchy, but this week’s episode had a certain mopping-up-from-last-week mood to it. (And did this week’s episode seem short to you?) We got Jax assuring Tara and us that “change will happen… it has to” — but then, he’s been saying that for a while, and fought Clay about it last week.

The retrieval of a gun supply by SAMCRO from Zobelle’s boys went wrong when Jax and a few other of his brothers were detained by the rival Mayans. This wasn’t so much suspenseful as it was inconvenient — for both them and us.

And I know Gemma likes to play big-mama to everyone occasionally, but her pot-luck supper, intended to unite some of the warring factions, was doomed as soon as you heard about it, didn’t you think? I mean, you can’t invite porn actresses over to the house with kids around and not expect Sons of Anarchy to set up a bitter, profane squabble.

The best moment: Seeing Tom Arnold with a boot on his throat. How many times do you think his co-hosts on The Best Damn Sports Show wanted to do that?

Still, much good stuff was set up for the future: avenging the death of Luann; Tara dealing with the aftermath of whatever threat Gemma made to her boss; and, I hope, a lot more Adam Arkin/Zobelle action — I can’t get enough of that.

Looking forward to next week, for sure.

I’ll keep it brief this week. Please tell me what you thought; thanks.