Smallville hasn’t even crossed the midway point of season 9 and already talk of a possible 10th season is heating up — and not just among fans. “We are really, really pushing for season 10,” executive producer Kelly Souders tells me. “We really hope it happens.”

Although the show lost a good chunk of viewers since moving to that ratings kryptonite known as Friday night, the drop-off hasn’t been nearly as disastrous as some had predicted. And Souders believes that the numbers will rise as the season progresses. “I think the word still isn’t out there that we’re on Friday nights. So if people keep tuning in and telling their friends about it, I think [a 10th season] is quite likely.”

The uncertainty surrounding the show’s future has proved challenging as Souders and her fellow writers begin to map out the second half of the season. Are they approaching a season finale or a series finale? “It’s something that we faced last year, too,” she says. “To try and break two different endings for a season kind of puts you at cross-purposes a little bit. For one, you’ll rev things up, and for another, you’re trying to bring everything to the finish line. But we’re really planning on breaking a season finale and not a series finale.”

As for whether we’ll get a glimpse of Clark in his iconic blue, red and yellow suit by the show’s conclusion, Souders says, “We think Smallville from the get-go was about how a young man turns into Superman. And it’s really about the journey getting there. I can’t make any promises, but if it was ever going to happen, it would be at the very end.”

What say you, Smallville fans? Do you think the show has a 10th season in it? Sound off below! (Additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz)


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