Reality shows have become the new career-recovery vehicle, especially in an age when former music channels prefer “real” drama to that relic once known as the music video. If you’re an artist and can’t get your clips into those Top 10 shows (which usually don’t even have the patience to play the full three minutes or so), your best shot is to sell out a piece of your personal life for a celebreality series. So now with Still Standing on BET, which premiered Tuesday night, Monica is treading the same path the pre=”the “>Osbournes and the late, lamented Lachey-Simpson marriage accidentally pioneered but many have tried to follow since.

Sadly, Monica’s show looks like it’ll go the way of those from MC Hammer and Coolio, which is to say, nowhere, really. The girl has grown up since her monster hits of the ’90s like “Don’t Take It Personal,” “Angel of Mine,” and that irresistible slice of pop heaven with Brandy, “The Boy Is Mine.” And it hasn’t always been easy, from a tumultuous public relationship with rapper C-Murder and another boyfriend’s suicide to single motherhood and a tough climb back up the charts. These days she’s pulled it together, is engaged to rapper Rocko, is looking for a comeback, and…well, being pulled-together is kinda boring, if the premiere is any indication. Her life consists of mostly doing her job, which in this case is recording her fifth studio album. Her voice sounds great as ever, and the bits of songs that we heard, particularly “Infinity,” seem promising, if not instantly hooky. But when she said there’s nothing worse than a boring video for a first single, I couldn’t help thinking: An unmemorable reality show isn’t much better. A whole scene about a fixer-upper house involving dialogue about water heaters and appliances? Love the lady, but I’ll skip the rest of the series.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Anything that made you want to keep watching Still Standing? Or will you just buy the album instead?