By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated October 28, 2009 at 09:31 PM EDT

Sharp-eyed fans who stay in their multiplex seats til the very last moments of This Is It may notice that the film’s end credits list Michael Jackson as the sole songwriter for the track “This Is It” — despite the Jackson estate’s admission two weeks ago that famed singer Paul Anka co-wrote the tune. The liner notes for the This Is It soundtrack, too, are missing Anka’s name. What gives?

Turns out it’s all in the timing. “The film had already been locked and prints were being created when the song’s credit was determined,” a representative for Sony Pictures tells the Music Mix. The rep added that Anka “will receive his rightful credit moving forward.”

Similarly, a Jackson representative tells the Music Mix that the first run of soundtrack CDs was printed before the songwriting mix-up came to light: “It just shows you, they really didn’t know!” Plans are currently underway to add Anka’s name to the liner notes of all future pressings of the CD, which should arrive in stores soon.

A rep for Anka declined to comment.

So now that that’s cleared up, let us know: Did any of you notice Anka’s missing credits at the movies or on the soundtrack?

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Photo credit: Anka: David Factor; Jackson: Kevin Mazur