Sometimes, when I’m feeling blue-ish brown, I watch YouTube clips of Food Network’s Unwrapped. I love the one embedded after the jump because the guy interviewed, Gary Guittard, says his company calls sprinkles “decoratifs” and then immediately a chyron underneath him says “Chocolate Sprinkle Maker.” In yo’ face, Gary Guittard, said Angela’s cat. Anyway, the invocation of pasta-making and the way the chocolate sprinkles sift through a pair of prop hands like gravel always picks me up and also turns me on a little. Full disclosure: I chose the Unwrapped segment because I couldn’t decide between the Willy Wonka opening credits and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opening credits. Next year, I’ll get over my guilt issues and just make a call. Which TV or film food-porn comes to mind when you hear it’s National Chocolate Day (poll after the jump)?

Oh, and let’s settle this never-ending battle, if only for a day: