Comedy Central will begin airing all 13 episodes of ABC’s canceled animated series from Mike Judge, The Goode Family, in January, we learned today. The network is also in talks to pick up Fox’s animated high school series from Mitch Hurwitz, Sit Down, Shut Up, which flopped this spring. Insiders deny that Comedy Central plans to revive these series like it did by agreeing to air new episodes of Futurama, but both shows could benefit from airtime on a cable net that more of their target audience is probably already watching — even if the only benefit is increased awareness. Is this really a win for viewers, though? I gave The Goode Family (embedded below) a chance this summer, and I don’t think I’d seek it out again on any channel. With so many new comedy projects never seeing the light of a cathode ray (lame!), is it better to let failed freshman series rest in peace, or do they deserve a second shot?