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Adam Lambert’s already infamous new album cover — an unholy amalgam of Europe’s AquaNet-rock classic The Final Countdown, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Starlight Express, and a serious Glamour Shots sesh at the Sherman Oaks Galleria — has some fierce competition, kids.

Rihanna’s November 23 release Rated R, top left, is giving ole Glammy-bear a run for his face-clutching money. In fact, it looks like the two just staggered away from the world’s sexiest catfight (Rihanna: “Oh sweet disturbia, my eye!” Glambert: “Bish, please. If you hadn’t voted for Kris, I wouldn’t be bleeding magenta glitter from the ear right now.”) and into Patrick Nagel‘s portrait studio.

Can anyone broker a peace between these two opposing forces, Music Mixers? Or will this battle royale continue all the way to the Great MAC Counter in the Sky?

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Adam Lambert’s outre-space ‘For Your Entertainment’ cover