We don’t want to make light of teens being arrested for allegedly breaking into the homes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan — even if this LA Times summary of events is begging for it: “According to Los Angeles police detectives, the group studied television shows, celebrity magazines and websites picking out clothing and jewelry they wanted.” (Hilton and Lohan would not be on our “wanted” list. Rachel Bilson, whose home was also broken into? Okay, slightly more aspirational.)

Naturally, an attorney who represents some of the celebrity victims has blamed the paparazzi for photographing stars’ homes and magazines for covering their whereabouts, daily rituals, and possessions: “There are only so many shots of a star’s back gate before someone, be it a stalker or burglar, goes through it.” I’d buy that quicker than you could sell me on this defense from an attorney for one of the accused: “It would be fun to do capers. It was all about fun…. It was one of those cases of you get bored, and it was something to do with a little technology.”

Shouldn’t 18- and 19-year-old girls (and one boy) — even those who’ve presumably seen Ocean’s Eleven, which, let’s face it, made us all want to plot a caper for approximately 60 seconds after the credits rolled — know that breaking into someone’s home and stealing is wrong? Even if at that age I’d had that much time on my hands and an all-access pass to celebrities’ lives (instead of just Teen Beat and Bop), I can promise you that I would never have attempted a break-in. Is the thrill of a drive-by sighting not enough to satisfy kids today?

Who do you think is to blame? The paparazzi/tabloids or the teens? Or all of the above?

Photo credit: Hilton: PRN/PR Photos; Lohan: Janet Mayer/PR Photos