Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Credit: Kimberley French

The Internet is abuzz with reports that Taylor Lautner will be choosing films in the future that showcase his acting over his abs. “I worked hard to get in shape for this role,” the Twilight Saga: New Moon star is quoted as saying to Showbiz Spy. “My motivation was the movie and the fans, but I don’t want to become known as just a body. If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that’s not very realistic. I certainly won’t be asking to do it, though.”

I think that’s a solid plan: Don’t go begging to bare all, but be flexible if a good role — like that Gymkata remake I keep pitching him publicly — requires some skin. To prove that we’re not all about his body,* we offer the following poll that, fingers crossed!, Lautner’s agents can forward to directors to demonstrate that their client will have an audience even when clothed.

Photo credit: Kimberley French

* Just because his PopWatch category name focuses on it, doesn’t mean that we can’t see past it. (See also: Skarsgard Your Loins.)

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