As the dust settles from this past week’s CMJ cyclone, we’re left to sift through the handful of baby-band gems left behind. They’re typically unpolished — and the diamonds vs. cubic-zirconia-from-Spencer’s-Gifts ratio is high — but finding out is half the fun, yes?

Exhibit A: Sleigh Bells. The unsigned Brooklyn duo (vocalist Alexis Krauss and everything-elser Derek Miller) make the kind of super-fuzzed laptop rave-ups that sound so good because they’re rough — like an early-’90s grrl group ditched Olympia for a Bronx block party, blew out all its amps on the road trip, and still killed it when they got there.

Listen to “Infinity Guitars,” below, and stream the also-excellent “Crown on the Ground” and “Ring Ring” on their Myspace:

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