A spokesperson for Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis (Crash) confirms that he is the author of an incendiary letter announcing his resignation from the Church of Scientology. Haggis wrote the lengthy letter, which was addressed to Church of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, back in August, according to his publicist, Ziggy Kozlowski. “Yes, it is his. It was meant to be private and it was leaked,” Kozlowski tells, adding that Haggis will not have any further comment on the controversial matter since he is currently in Pittsburgh directing his next film, The Next Three Days.

Former Scientologist Mark Rathbun originally published Haggis’ letter to Davis on his blog this week. Davis tells, “It was a private letter between me and Paul. I’ve known Paul since I was a kid. It’s unfortunate to see it be leaked like that.” EW spoke to Rathbun, who would not reveal how he got the letter.

The letter focused on reports that the Church supported California’s anti-gay ballot initiative Proposition 8 last year. “The Church doesn’t take an official political stance on any issue,” Davis says, adding that the Church opposes any infringement of civil rights for gays and lesbians. Davis declined to address the letter’s further allegations regarding the Church’s treatment of Haggis’ wife and her parents. “I would never comment on anything having to do with Mr. Haggis or his wife or his family. I don’t talk about other people’s private lives, ever.” (Additional reporting by Chris Nashawaty)