On his first day back in Port Charles, Jonathan Jackson found himself squarely in the middle of all the drama, thanks to a love triangle and parental strife. The star’s return to his role as Lucky Spencer today probably gave some longtime fans comfort as they witnessed his easy rapport and familiarity with Rebecca Herbst, who plays Lucky’s childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth. Liz and Lucky are planning to remarry after a decade marked with betrayals, breakups, and longing. The big hiccup is that Liz is pining for Lucky’s half brother Nicholas.

But Jackson’s reprisal might also make some start looking at whether his chemistry works for these now-adult characters who, let’s remember, are supposed to be parents of two children. There’s no fighting it — Jackson brings an entirely different dynamic to the role than the previous (older) actor, Greg Vaughn, did. Today, Lucky is a police officer with a major ax to grind against his father — he’s no longer the little “cowboy” Jackson played originally. It might be too soon to ask, but how do you think Jackson will do back in the role he originated?