I know I said that we had hit a season high a few weeks ago but last night’s episode was totes BESFTS. Best. Episode. So. Far. This. Season. And, no, if next week’s episode is better, I won’t keep changing this little slogan of mine.

But the Halloween episode of GG definitely had some really fun moments, not the least of which was the absolutely insane cleavage being rocked by Serena. Holy boob-age. It was distracting but the girl certainly knows how to get publicity. Maybe she’s got a future in PR after all!

Speaking of Serena’s gig, does her boss represent like every celebrity in the world? It certainly seems that way. Also, for the record, I would be perfectly content with delivering James Franco his underwear every day. In fact, I can probably split my duties at EW and Franco undies patrol. But back to the episode: Do we think she’s actually going to continue fake-dating Patrick? He seemed like a bore so I’m hoping the answer is “No.”

The big story though was Chuck and Blair’s roller-coaster relationship which once again hit a dip. Frankly, I can understand Chuck’s annoyance with Blair: she keeps interfering and plotting (I do find it amusing she has Mark Ronson on speed dial.). It was cute in high school but it’s time to move on. But I did like that they teamed up again by the end and seemed happier than ever. It felt like the return of Sexy Chuck and Blair. A very welcome return. BTW, who was that guy performing at Chuck’s club opening? I didn’t recognize him. Help me out, PopWatchers!

I sort of love that Nate is addicted to Olivia’s vampire film series, Endless Knights. It’s pretty genius. Also, it’s nice that he and Dan have become buddies but Nate needs a meaty story line ASAP. It is interesting that Serena is still peeved at him. She’s losing friends by the minute! By the end of the episode, she had walked away from Blair too after they ruined her big opening.

Does Olivia really need to take free condoms? Can’t the star of Endless Knights hit up the Duane Reade? I guess times are tough even for a movie star. The Dan/Olivia story line was kinda cute last night. I liked Dan getting all flustered over her love scenes (“He made you levitate!”). But where else is this relationship going? It feels a little stunted. That being said, Penn Badgeley has not looked hotter lately. He’s having a very handsome season.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that Lily is not one bit concerned about 18-year old Chuck opening a club? Hellooo. The dude can’t even drink legally, but she’s prepared to go to his opening? Oh well. Her story line with Rufus was pretty cute. Also Matthew Settle looked adorable dressed up as Joey Ramone. I’m also kind of obsessed with the little girl’s Lady Gaga outfit; I want an adult version.

Finally Jenny got a juicy plotline. Now, she just needs to lose those heinous extensions. How is she friends with a gay and he lets her leave the house like that? I don’t know who to blame more for her goth transformation. Anyways, when Little J. is a beast, she’s totally more fun. And it seems like she’s only gonna get worse. Still her big revenge plan was pelting Jonathan with eggs? Um snoozy. More importantly, I wonder if that was actually vintage Gautier that she wore to Chuck’s opening? Her onesie was pretty adorable. The other nice part of this development is that it gives Eric something to do too. His costume at the party was high-larious. I laughed out loud when he popped up on screen.

In fact, the best part of that party was the wardrobe. All the girls looked amazing (I think Serena is my fave) and the guys were adorable (no one can rock a suit vest better than Chuck Bass).

We had some major Russian servant action last night with fairly prominent screentime for both Dorota and Vanya. It’s been too long!

What did you think of last night’s Gossip Girl? Which outfit was your favorite? Are you liking the return of evil Jenny?

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! XOXO!

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