After last year’s misanthropic manifesto, Gran Torino, the last thing you’d expect from Clint Eastwood is a movie soaked in the milk of human goodness. But that’s just what he’s done with Invictus, his new movie based on the true story about how Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) recruited the captain of the South African rugby team (Matt Damon) to integrate the team and unite the country. And judging by the lump I got in my throat watching the trailer, maybe the filmmaker has even mastered the art of good schmaltz. This thing plays like a challenge to even the crustiest cynics. Check it out at Apple. See what I’m saying? From the moment Morgan Freeman says, “I am the captain of my soul,” I was reminded that the news hasn’t always been all bad. Things have changed for the better. And I was a total goner the minute the first few bars of the Graceland-esque choir music cued up. Now tell me PopWatchers, weren’t you just a wee bit inspired by seeing it?

Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein