Citing the barrage of publicity that has adversely affected her work and home life, the victim of Roman Polanski’s 1977 sex charge has asked an appellate court to drop the charge against the film director, according to the Los Angeles Times. Since the director’s arrest last month, Samantha Geimer and her attorney have received hundreds of media inquiries from as far away as Germany and Israel and photographers have been camped outside her Hawaii home. “This statement makes one more demand, one more request, one more plea: Leave her alone,” her attorney wrote in the filing.

The appellate court is reviewing an L.A. Superior Court ruling that Polanski’s case cannot be thrown out on grounds of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct while the director remains a fugitive. Geimer, now 46, was 13 at the time of the criminal case when she told police and a grand jury that Polanski gave her a drug and alcohol and raped her during a photo shoot.