Is Mad Max finally about to go beyond Beyond Thunderdome? Though the fourth film in the post-apocalyptic action flick series has endured decades of delays, reports suggest that pre-production on Mad Max 4: Fury Road is about to get started in Australia. All kinds of casting rumors are flying, with Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) and Charlize Theron both tipped for key roles

But hold on a sec. Here comes director George Miller to throw some cold water on that speculation. “I’m still in the middle of casting, despite all we see on the Net,” Miller says in the behind-the-scenes interview embedded below (via “I don’t even know who the final cast’s going to be.” Fine. Let’s forget Worthington and Theron for the moment — what does that mean for the original Max himself, Mel Gibson? Asked by a reporter if Gibson is an option, Miller coyly replies, “Everyone’s an option.”

Hard to know what to make of that. Watch the interview below, then weigh in. Do you even care whether or not Mel Gibson winds up in the cast of Mad Max 4? Would his absence be a deal-breaker for you? How many of you are still looking forward to this long-awaited four-quel, anyway?