Colorado’s divisive joke-hop jesters 3Oh!3, they of a still-flaming March post here on the Music Mix, apparently do in fact trust a ho; they’ve allowed a real live female — multiplatinum pop tartlet Katy Perry — to talk with more than her hips in the new video for their remixed “Starstrukk.”

Then again, it’s still 3OH!3, so Perry delivers her solo while being hosed down a la livestock at the county fair, while anonymous girls hurtle themselves forward like deranged Aberzombies, mindlessly hunting fresh man-meat. Somehow, frolicking in a fountain seemed a lot less degrading when the Go-Gos did it:more about “30oh3“, posted with vodpod

It’s Monday and I’m old, Music Mixers, so tell me: Just dumb, fun entertainment, yes? Or somewhere between locusts and flood in the lead-up to this?