Expanded to accommodate its audience’s questions, Jon + Kate Plus Eight‘s “You Ask, Kate Answers” hour-long special was, as Kate herself put it, a “long, long long special.”

But it certainly wasn’t without interest. For one thing, Kate is now completely up-front about her ambitions. “I feel like this is normal,” she said of being in front of a camera. “I would love to be in a movie at some point,” said Kate. “I’d like to be the voice in a cartoon for my kids… [and] I would love for my TV career to be successful.”

To the question of whether there’s money set aside solely for the children, Kate said, “There is a healthy amount of money put away, and it is safe and will not be touched.” (Think she had anyone in mind when she chose those words?) In this context, an old clip was rerun that is now freshly fascinating: Jon and Kate in the good old days, meeting with a financial advisor. He proposes an account that the kids could access “upon completion of college or at age 30.” Kate liked that.

Jon, a little slower in understanding, said, “What if one of them wants to be a mechanic? You don’t go to college for that.” “Then he’ll get it when he’s 30!” Kate yelped, annoyed at his slowness. This, friends, was the kind of snappishness that started the whole Jon-is-whipped line of internet chatter that, I am convinced as a J&K-watcher from the start, spurred Jon to eventually leave the marriage.

Speaking of marriage, one viewer asked whether she’d marry again. “I really don’t want to be married again, but I don’t want to be alone,” she said.

Sitting in what looked like the interview set that’s built in her Pennsylvania home, Kate fielded what she termed “the reasonable questions” sent in by viewers.

Asked about how much help she has these days, she said she has “a full-time babysitter… a girl who cleans my house, and people to do the yard work.” “Does that sound pampered?” she asked rhetorically. “It’s called ‘survival.'”

When told that people have waited up to eight hours for her at a book signing, Kate was then asked who she would wait eight hours to see. Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods, Matt Damon, and Patrick Dempsey were her list, with a little giggle and blush at the mention of Dempsey. Tabloids, start your engines!

You have to give Kate credit: She cheerfully allowed the producers to give us a montage of what she called her “flipping out” moments — those times over the years when she’s just lost it and yelled at the kids, as any over-worked, over-tired parent would do.

Asked about the misconceptions surrounding the show, Kate made it sound as though the end is definitely near. “It is really reality,” she said of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. “Nothing is staged… it’s not harmful to the kids. There have been nothing but positive experiences [for the children] and they never do anything they don’t want to do… I’m sad to see it go.”

Earlier in the day, Jon Gosselin put in his Monday media appearance: a Pennsylvania court, to explain draining and subsequently re-filling a fair amount from the couple’s joint bank account. (Kate, whose court appearance wasn’t required, was represented by her attorney.)

Oh, and a viewer asked, would Kate ever go back to her first career, as a nurse? “Nursing is my back-up career,” she said smoothly, if she can “find the time to renew my license this year.” Oh, I think she can find the time…

Did you watch? What do you think?

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