Good news, Bones fans: We’re going back in time!

Last month, I told you that Bones producers were considering rewinding the clock back to Booth and Brennan’s first assignment together for the show’s milestone 100th episode this spring. Well, I’m happy to report that the time-tripping story has been given the green light!

“We’ll be there for the first time those two personalities clashed,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Events will conspire to make them come out of the case hating each other and vowing that they will never work together again.”

Wait, there’s more. “We’ll also see the introduction of Angela and the genesis of her friendship with Brennan,” Nathan adds. “And we’ll try and work in a Smurf reference, of course. They certainly have been absent from season 5 so far.”

A Booth/Brennan origin story and a shout-out to my beloved blue buddies? Is it my birthday?!*

* No, it just feels like it. My birthday is February 23. Registry info is forthcoming.

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