By Annie Barrett
Updated October 26, 2009 at 05:14 PM EDT

Last night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm was even more cringe-y than usual, right? Office assistant Maureen’s misguided choice in cropped tees was uncomfortable enough (Top o’ the muffin TO YOU!”); even I, a longtime fan, was surprised when the only somewhat-accomplished weight-loser ended up saving Larry’s life as he clutched her ample love handles from two stories up. Larry’s done the “bald people all look the same to you” lament before, but never in the context of a police lineup to prove that black-bald is as indistinguishable from white-bald as Wheelchair Wendy is from Denise Handicapped. And the pissing-on-a-Jesus-painting gag (literally, I am gagging) was pretty far-out, even for Curb. How exactly were Maureen and her hallucination-prone mom going to avoid drip-age or slide-age on that thing, not to mention evaporation (~shrinkage) on their Human Waste Miracle road show? And seriously? NAPKINS? Yes? Okay. I’ve been known to swipe stacks of paper towels from the EW kitchen. Gee, I hope no one is reading this!

Any scene with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David just talking was the best, though, and as Jerry astutely pointed out during a discussion of the upcoming Seinfeld reunion, “What’s real got to do with what we do” anyway? My own favorite scene was when Larry and Jerry took so long deliberating who would have to scoot over in the diner booth and give up the “executive suite” so that poor Richard Lewis could join them that Lewis ended up just walking away. And whatever you thought of the Jesus-splashback fiasco, anything that prompts Larry’s line “I think every erection is a miracle” is fine with me. Let us know your own favorite line for this week’s Sound Bites in the comments or via Twitter (@EWAnnieBarrett) and vote below!

Photo credit: Doug Hyun/HBO

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