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I know the Walker clan is close, but I am glad they didn’t take up Luc’s suggestion to go skinnydipping together. “I love how really, really French you are,” Sarah said to her Renaissance man. Kevin was the voice of reason: “And sadly, we are really, really American.” Cue Justin: “And related.”

Luc was the main attraction of tonight’s show, “Last Tango in Pasadena,” as he and Sarah finally got out of bed. Sarah shocked Nora by moving Luc into her mom’s house so Sarah could spend some quality time with her kids, just back from Europe with their dad. (Gosh, Paige is growing up fast. Like her mom, I was digging the new haircut.)

Kitty was instantly charmed by Luc — who said despite her illness that she looked “radiant, like the sun,” inspiring a huge smile. At least Kitty was generous sharing the love for Luc, she texted everyone to invite them poolside to watch this “Adonis” swim laps. Perfect abs, perfect trunks and even perfect strokes. He cooked a huge meal and helped Justin pick up a few moves for his wedding dance. (How much did you love Kevin’s shock at discovering that pair in a dip — “I lost feeling in my extremities,” he said, deadpan.)

Luc danced the tango with Rebecca — we know Gilles Marini is a Dancing With the Stars alum (check out his tango on that show here) but the surprise was how well Emily VanCamp held her own. Somehow, Luc charmed and flirted with everyone but also managed not to seem too creepy or fake, and definitely smitten with Sarah. Nora, however, was still resistent to his charms. “He’s handsome in an obvious sort of way, but that’s no reason to act like a bunch of teenagers,” she admonished everyone else.

Poor Nora was having a rough time with Sarah (initially mad at her for telling Sarah’s kids about Kitty’s disease) and sick with worry about Kitty. She certainly didn’t need a new houseguest — who she nicknamed Pepe Le Pew. Or did she? Mr. Perfect found Nora near her breaking point by the pool and cheered her up with a waltz. Sometimes with all her family tensions, it’s nice to see someone unrelated giving Nora a boost. And Luc was soon calling her “Nor.” Awww.

In the hands of lesser actors and writers, this whole Luc storyline could have felt completely cliched, but with the B&S gang it felt like a bit of welcome fun. (Although, like Justin said, it bordered on objectification — lingering close-up shots of Luc’s abs weren’t an accident. Not that I’m protesting too much.)

Meanwhile, Scotty and Kevin were getting in a tussle about surrogate plans. Their friend Michelle volunteered to be their surrogate, which Scotty thought was a great plan, but Kevin worried she was a “little flaky.” It brought up simmering tension about who was in charge of their relationship — perfectly coming to a head when Luc asked them who would lead in their tango. Eventually they worked it out and decided Michelle’s surrogacy was a great idea.

Holly was getting Rebecca amped up for her Hawaii dream wedding, but there may be big waves ahead for that event (now can we have a dream wedding at Nora’s please?!). Holly found out that she had lost all of her money, yes ALL, because of a dodgy investment company. You had to feel sorry for the woman, especially with Ojai still in a financial mess after Tommy’s mistakes.

Kitty was in strong spirits, especially at the prospect of a night out with Robert at a Reagan Library event (loved the sequined grey sweater dress she wore). Only he had a rooftop dinner for two surprise planned instead. How romantic! Except for Kitty it was all a reminder about her illness. And she gave Robert a speech about how she just wants to be treated normally. He understood, and thanks to some genius timing, his fireworks then lit up the sky. I loved it when those fireworks lit up Kitty’s face as the couple shared a laugh together and headed home for a more normal activity, to watch Evan sleep.

Everything wrapped up with apologies between Nora and Sarah, Kitty reassuring her niece and nephew, and the whole gang piling into Kitty’s bed for brunch. (Where was Luc, practicing his foxtrot somewhere?) Everyone seemed happy — until we got the teaser that Tommy is back with his boatload of drama next week.

What did you think of this episode? Did you love Luc or were you calling him Pepe Le Pew too? Think he and Sarah could have a long-term future? Excited or dreading Tommy’s return?

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

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