It just may have been the scariest thing we’ve ever seen on Survivor (and that’s saying something for a program that gave us Jonny Fairplay): contestant Russell Swan’s head resting precariously on the corner of a puzzle table while his entire body went limp. As hard as it was for us to watch the Galu leader collapse, imagine how freaky it must have been for Russell to watch himself flirting with death on national television. The dread-head talks all about the surreal experience as he joins Josh Wolk and me on the latest episode of Survivor Talk, telling us why he was so “pissed” at being pulled from the game, what happened to him after the cameras shut off, and if the decision to take pillows over a tarp ultimately led to his collapse. Click on the video below to get all the inside scoop on one of the most dramatic moments in Survivor history! And then do something far less dramatic and start following me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.