Remember what Nicolas said about ruffles earlier this season? Of course you do! “I hate ruffles! Ruffles make me sick!” You might also recall that after the Feather Prince uttered those words, I promised you all that I’d wear the offending sartorial flourishes when he visited the EW offices for his appearance on Project Runway Talk. And I am nothing if not a woman of my word. What’s more, my co-host Dalton Ross joined me in the Rufflepalooza, pulling out of his closet–I kid you not–a Seinfeld Puffy Shirt. Oh, the lengths we EW loons are willing to go to amuse you, dear readers!

Despite our wardrobe choices, Nicolas did not run screaming from the building. On the contrary, the controversial season six contestant proved to be a friendly, funny guy who confessed to amping up the smack-talk for the cameras. Click on the video below to learn what else he had to say about tanking with the Greece theme, winning a challenge with a cheap-looking Ice Queen gown, and what a guy has to do to get on TV when he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt.

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