What’s filling your Halloween basket this year? How about chocolate-covered crickets, worm-infested caramel apples…or earwax-flavored jelly beans? No, really. These creepy-crawlies may sound like a skeevy prank, but they are just some of the exotic goodies — or baddies — on offer in the Food Network’s icky but edifying Extreme Sweets, which debuted Saturday at 9. As exuberantly boyish host Adam Gertler hopscotches the country in search of the aforementioned delicacies (at California’s Hotlix and Jelly Belly, respectively), the confectionary wonders veer from mouth-watering (bathing in Hershey’s chocolate) to mouth-searing (Mercado Chocolate Loco’s choc-dipped habaneros) to stomach-turning (crunchy live worm, yum). The piece de resistance? Hotlix’s scorpion pops. Left unasked: Are those scorpions organic?

Feeling the sugar rush yet, P-Dubbers? Or are you firmly resolved not to let your impressionable youngsters watch this special, lest they clamor for said treats? And not to put it too delicately, should animal-rights hackles be raised by cruelty to worms and insects?