A few things I loved about last night’s new episode of Ugly Betty: 1) The scene where Betty fell over in the bean bag chair. (Gags like that still get me!) 2) Seeing yummy Grant Bowler come back as Connor Owens. And 3) Marc’s bright yellow suit jacket (see left).

Also, of course, these 15 great one-liners:

“I’m not double-booking haircuts to make money to get you into private school just so you can get rejected ’cause you’re too stupid ’cause you skipped public school.” —Hilda, to Justin

“Heeeeey…ate you.” —Marc, greeting Betty and then turning it into an insult

“Wow, you are like oozing self-pity today. Something’s up. Oh my God, happy birthday!” —Amanda, to Marc

“We are not talking about that! One more mention, and heads will roll. Pretty blonde heads that don’t have their original nose!” —Marc, threatening Amanda after she mentions his birthday

“How is Betty the editor magazine? That would be like me being the editor of a mechanics magazine or you being the editor of…a magazine.” —Marc, complaining to Amanda and insulting her at the same time

“I’m sorry, but that psychedelic misfit toy is living my dream!” —Marc, to Wilhelmina about his nemesis Betty

“A crappy school. Support group. This phone smells like cheese.” —Natalie, verifying to Betty where Daniel is and also commenting on the smell of his phone

“Can you believe there’s traffic in Bermuda? Luckily, I’ve chased felons here before, so I know all the short cuts.” —Wilhelmina, to Marc after landing in Bermuda

“Oh wow, that doesn’t sound like a woman who wants to be taken seriously. That sounds like a girl who wants to go out, get drunk, fall in bed with a man who doesn’t love her, come back here tomorrow and answer phones for the next 20 years. Or at least until the hard living catches up to her and Mode wouldn’t dare let that grizzle face out from behind a cubicle.” —Marc, guilting Amanda into helping him with his plan to take down Betty

“God no. They’re horrible people. Would you guys considering adopting?” —New Gucci designer Evan, to Betty about whether the Suarez family was taking applications

“Marc, this trip is a total disaster. Connor checked out this morning. And I suspect he was tipped off by our bargain bounty hunter. We need a new bounty hunter. Next time I prefer one in brown.” —Wilhelmina, over the phone to her assistant Marc

“Whoa! Okay, stop! I just realized what’s been going on here. You know, it is one thing to flirt with me. You’re a man, I’m me—it happens. But to do it just to get back at Betty? Nobody uses this to make that jealous.” —Amanda, after realizing she was just a pawn in the Betty-Matt relationship war

“You know what, we both deserve this job, but I got it. So deal with it. And act your age. Your new age.” —Betty, telling Marc off and dinging him on his recent birthday, too

“You don’t use me for your little schemes. We use people together!” —Amanda, after Marc used her to help him take down Betty

“Well, Marc, scheming is a lonely business.” —Wilhelmina, speaking a truism that she clearly knows quite well to her assistant Marc

PopWatchers, do you remember a great line that I missed? What’s your favorite? Sound off in the comment section below!

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