Okay, so The Jeff Dunham Show premiered this week to become the highest-rated first-episode of any show in the history of Comedy Central in the coveted 18-49 demo. That’s right, the same Comedy Central that brings you The Colbert Report and South Park. Both, upstaged by a ventriloquist with spikey hair.

And Comedy Central says the ventriloquist’s show, featuring fan-fave characters like grumpy-old-man Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist, was the “most-watched show on cable for Thursday” among total viewers.

Yet whenever we here at post anything about Dunham, the majority of the response is pretty negative. Um, make that really, sarcastically negative.

Me, I have an irrational fondness for ventriloquists. Every year I try to con a different EW editor into letting me go to the annual “vent” convention in Kentucky (so far without success). Clearly, I am not an objective observer. Thus, I am turning the job over to you on this one.

Watch this clip:

Now: Tell me why you think Jeff Dunham is so popular.

Or tell me why you don’t find him funny.

And those of you who are actually Dunham fans, defend your man.

All comments welcome below. Thanks.