The ''30 Rock'' star talks about his new book, ''I Am The New Black''

”Looking at where I am now, it was like, ‘I survived!”’ says Morgan, 40, of authoring his autobiography, I Am the New Black. ”I know some dudes that are doing jail time in the hundreds.” But the 30 Rock star and newly minted tweeter (it’s worth checking out, trust us) still has his gripes with the world — and Cheri Oteri! Here, he shares five of his biggest beefs.

1. The controversy over his book
A brouhaha erupted last week about an excerpt from New Black in which Morgan slams former Saturday Night Live colleagues Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri. ”That’s such a small f—ing part of the book,” he protests. ”There’s always going to be drama at the office.” Still, he isn’t exactly extending an olive branch to the pair: ”We never hung out. I’m like the invisible guy to them.”

2. The size of his 30 Rock wages
Morgan has only good things to say about his 30 Rock costars: ”Everybody’s family.” But? ”What I need for Christmas is another zero at the end of my paycheck,” he says.

3. An industry slow to recognize his talent
In New Black, Morgan claims that only now are people ”realizing what to do with me.” He recently finished filming A Couple of Dicks with Bruce Willis and is currently hosting the Syfy show Scare Tactics. ”I get to be the black Rod Serling!”

4. Being stereotyped as ”angry”
Boy, does that make Morgan…uh…upset. ”Every time a black man expresses himself, they say, ‘He’s angry,”’ sighs the comic.

5. Anyone offended by his Twitter
In only his second Twitter post, the comedian said that a certain part of his physique resembled Darth Vader. ”Squeaky-clean comedy — that’s not where I’m from,” he explains. ”I come from The Ghetto, USA.”