The comedian chats about her upcoming talker, ''The Wanda Sykes Show''

By Lynette Rice
October 23, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Why do a talk show?
I thought it would be cool to have an outlet where I can go and speak about things that are happening right now. And also, being a new mom [Sykes and her wife of nearly a year have 5-month-old twins], I’ll have somewhat of a normal schedule…not doing stand-up.

Will there be guests on your show?
I’m gonna have a panel of guests so it’s more laid-back, like they’re hanging out at my place. I’d love to start with Condoleezza Rice and then throw in Andy Roddick and Dave Chappelle. We’ll have a few drinks.

You’re going to serve drinks?
Oh, hell yeah! We will definitely have quite a few drinks. That’s the only way I will do the show. Then the panel stays for inappropriate games, where everything goes to hell.

You announced last November that you were gay. What made that timing right?
It was after the election, and I was playing Vegas. It was the national protest day on Prop 8 [the California ballot proposition that blocked gay marriage], and the Gay and Lesbian Center there was having a rally. I had no intention of doing it that day. It just happened.

You won’t be engaging in any hanky-panky with your staff, right?
Oh, no, no, no. I’m a happily married woman. David Letterman did a good job handling that…so good for him. Not good for him that he was screwing everybody — but good for him for not trying to run from it.