Pre-emptive fundraising is all the rage in the music world lately, with many indie artists using websites like Kickstarter and Sellaband to hit their fans up for money to help pay for upcoming projects. Public Enemy became one of the biggest acts yet to get in on this trend earlier this month, signing with Sellaband in search of $250,000, $25 at a time. Fans are promised copies of the album and various other swag in return for their contributions. Apparently the scheme is working: Great Britain’s NME reports that the rap revolutionaries have already raked in $50,000.

I’m impressed by how much cash PE has been able to raise in such a short period of time. Now I’m curious to see whether they’ll hit that $250,000 mark, and how long it will take them. Seems like this could be a cool new option for artists who, for whatever, reason, can’t or won’t get financial backing for their music from a corporate label. So what do you say: Would you pay $25 to help Public Enemy make its next record? Who else do you think would be smart to try this approach?

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