I’m glad everyone’s loving Jane Lynch on Glee. Really. But if you think she’s good on that show, check her out on Party Down, the under-the-radar comedy on Starz that I am obsessed with. And now, good news! Lynch and Kristen Bell will both appear on the second season of show, which starts in April. Holla!

For the uninitiated, Party Down is Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’ series about LA cater-waiters. And Party Down is to workplace comedies what VM was to high school shows: A clever and distinct character-driven take on a sometimes hokey genre. Also, it is awesome, and I have watched the first season four times through. Four times! I am a crazy person. The DVDs aren’t out yet, but the whole season is available on instant Netflix and on Starz On Demand.

The combo of Adam Scott (previously), Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr positively slays me, and the banter is as weird and amazing as anything on 30 Rock.

PopWatchers, do you Party Down? How can I convince you to do so?