Over the past few weeks I’ve used some strong words to describe Parks and Recreation (“awesome” and “best” among them) and its sophomore season revival. EW TV critic Ken Tucker got on board in the most recent magazine issue, “loving these new episodes” and giving the show a B+ rating (not bad!). And if you need further proof that our Office cousin has fully shed the baggage of its weak spring run, look no further than last night’s episode, “Kaboom,” in which the Pawnee pit — an almost annoying focal point of season 1 — was finally filled in. Progress! In one fell swoop, Parks both tied up a plot thread that had overstayed its welcome and put to rest any lingering ghosts from the first six episodes. It’s a new era, baby, and this comedy is all the richer for it.

Rather than go on at length about the episode, crafting the perfect minute-by-minute plot chronicle, I thought I’d kick off the discussion with what I considered the funniest quotes of the night. In no particular order:

“The key to volunteering? A lot of pockets. To put all the food in. The Red Cross has amazing cookies. I go there all the time. Meals on Wheels is a bonanza. Suicide hotline? Surprisingly lame spread.” — Andy on how to best take advantage of community service

“Remember: Take a man Kabooming? He kabooms for a day. But you teach a man how to kaboom? Kaboom, kaboom, kaBOOM!”Paul Scheer‘s Kaboom! organizer, motivating Leslie and Ann to seize the day

“Forget it! Let’s all pretend Jerry wasn’t born…and this was clean.” – Leslie digs at Jerry, the Toby Flenderson of Pawnee, after he wrote on the office whiteboard in permanent marker

“Take out your doing caps, ’cause we’re gonna do something today!” “I have a couple of ‘doing caps’ in my wallet. That’s what I call condoms.” – Tom deflates Leslie’s Kaboom!-inspired spirit at a pit meeting

“It’s awful what happened to Andy, but sometimes when you make an omelete you need to break a few eggs. What’s the alternative? No omelets at all? Who wants to live in that kind of world? …. Maybe birds. Then all their babies would live.” – Leslie describes puts Andy’s (second) pit accident in context

“Leslie, the man lived in a pit. He couldn’t find a place to live on the earth’s surface, so he went under the ground. You’re dealing with a grown man who thinks like a gopher.” – Ann to Leslie, describing Andy’s unique living situation

What would you add to the list? Let us know what you thought of “Kaboom” in the comments section below, and be sure to tune in next week — 8:30 p.m., east coasters! — for the return of Louis C.K.’s Officer Dave and what will assuredly be another very funny half hour. This show, guys.