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Credit: Alice Hawkins

Upon hearing smoky-voiced British import Paloma Faith, it’s a natural first reaction to want to compare her to Amy Winehouse. Much like her beehive-wearing colleague, Paloma’s got that woeful, soulful style that—unlike so many artists out there today—makes you actually feel something. But I’d urge you to ignore the whole Amy Winehouse allegory. This j’adorable chic stands on her own.

You see, thanks to a mix a friend put together (thanks again, Ru!), I recently happened upon Paloma’s haunting single “New York,” and it simply blew me away. This lady can sing, wailing through this tune that seems to chronicle a lover choosing the world’s greatest city over her. The opening and closing of the song are fairytale sweet with their childlike music-box chords. But it’s her soaring voice that made my hair stand on end. Her delivery is, in a word, intoxicating.

The first time I listened to “New York,” I was walking down bustling Seventh Avenue here in NYC, so I thought maybe the in-the-moment circumstances were altering my experience, and, thus, making me love it. But I tested the song elsewhere: “New York” stands up on the subway, in my apartment, and waiting in line at Uniqlo. Basically, everywhere.

One thing that surely sets Paloma apart from Winehouse is her delicious style, which finds her donning everything from bunny ears to the flirty get-up above. And her video for “New York,” which you can find after the jump, illustrates that even further, with her in the most gorgeous, strapless bowling-inspired dress. Her hair, too, while also an attribute comparable to Winehouse, sure is divine.

Unfortunately, Paloma’s album is only available as an import here in the U.S. right now, but you can enjoy her tunes and whatnot on her bubbling MySpace page. What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Were you already a fan of Paloma’s? Do you, like me, think we should ditch the Amy Winehouse comparisons? Do you love “New York”?

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