There’s a Lego reality show in the works according to Variety, which means there’s a fandom obsession in the works, according to me. Scott Messick, reality producer of such shows as Destroy Build Destroy and Shaq vs, is currently developing a doc series around the Lego “master builders” who create the most insane Lego sculptures all over the world. Another possible series might be based at the Legoland park and be a contest of some kind.

Let’s think about how awesome a Lego show would be for a moment while we watch this amazing feat of Lego construction:

I am so on board for a Lego show. I’ve definitely seen one-off docs about Legoland and the building school and stuff, but a full-on series is my ticket to nerdvana.

Might you develop a block about a show like this, or would you back it, brick by brick, PopWatchers?