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Kim Raver is headed to Grey’s Anatomy to break up Owen and Cristina! I kid. (I think.) I was just trying to get all you O&C ‘shippers stirred up and, in turn, drive eyeballs to my interview with the actress. Speaking of which… In the following Q&A, Raver teases her Grey’s stint (kicking off Nov. 12), addresses reports that producers wanted her to dye, and solves a big 24 mystery: Are Jack and Audrey soul mates?

When did you start work?

KIM RAVER: I’m on my second day. It’s an amazing group.

Tell me about your character, Teddy.

RAVER: She was in Iraq with Owen. She’s a cardiac surgeon. She’s really good at what she does. There’ll be some interesting stuff between Teddy, Cristina and Owen.

What exactly happened between Teddy and Owen in Iraq?

RAVER: When we first meet her, we’re not quite sure. But there’s definitely a hint of a triangle.

There was a report that Grey’s producers asked you to dye your hair brunet for the role. True?

RAVER: No. I don’t know where that came from. My hair may not be as blond as it was on 24, but it’s the same as it was on Lipstick Jungle. [She ain’t lying — check out the first look photo above.]

What’s the length of your Grey’s commitment?

RAVER: I don’t know. It’s sort of a similar situation to when I joined 24. You just don’t know. I’m recurring, but I don’t know the [exact] length. It’s interesting because Teddy is in the same situation. It creates an exciting dynamic because it forces me to be very present and enjoy playing this really great character.

Is there potential this could become a full-time gig?

RAVER: I don’t know. I would be thrilled and flattered [if it came to that]. I just love the cast and the crew and the writers. It’s such a pleasure to get a script and just be like, “Yes!”

This could be the last season of 24. Has there been any talk of Audrey possibly returning?

RAVER: That’s a tricky one. I was happy to know Audrey wasn’t dead because there [may be] a little bit of a window to go back to that family. But I don’t know where they are with that storyline. I’m sort of a romantic at heart so I would love to see some closure between Jack and Audrey — especially if it’s the last season. I feel like [Audrey just] lying there not being able to talk to him wasn’t really any kind of great closure.

Are you of the opinion that they’re soul mates?

RAVER: I am. I have a warm spot for those two characters. They are soul mates. I know that sounds corny, but they are.

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