By Simon Vozick-Levinson
October 23, 2009 at 07:20 PM EDT

Joss Stone has been using a provocative image to promote her fourth album, Colour Me Free. The black-and-white shot of the British singer contorted behind prison bars, midway through being penciled in color-by-numbers style (top left), appears on her MySpace page and her official website, and it’s the one that was provided to EW to accompany our review of the album. Yet pick up the CD at exclusive physical retailer Target or download a copy from iTunes and you’ll see very different cover art (top right): just Stone’s name in a large font above the album title on an otherwise blank purple background. What gives?

A rep for Stone says her label, EMI, insisted on switching the album art. Indeed, the singer still prefers the original behind-bars illustration: “As far as Joss is concerned, that’s her album cover.”

An EMI spokesperson, however, begs to differ, telling EW, “Joss agreed to the album cover selection” — i.e., to the purple text-only image that accompanies the actual CD.

This would appear to be the latest skirmish in Stone’s ongoing dispute with EMI. Last month, she told EW that the label was responsible for delaying Colour Me Free‘s release until Oct. 20. “It’s all record company stuff,” she said then. “I just want to make music and put it out. They have a different mind set. So, we had a little tiff and now we’re putting it out.” Sounds as if the tiff goes on.

So whose side are you on? After comparing and contrasting the two cover images, which one do you like better?

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