Meet Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew, and the other new residents of Seattle Grace

You may have noticed some new kids at Seattle Grace this season thanks to a recent merger with Mercy West, but chances are you’ve seen them before. Here’s why their faces look so familiar.

Nora Zehetner
Dr. Reed Adamson
Her ability to instantly enrage her new co-workers has precedent: Zehetner was last seen using voice-manipulation superpowers on Heroes and breaking up supercouple Ephram and Amy on Everwood.

Jesse Williams
Dr. Jackson Avery
Tough guy Dr. Hunt (Kevin McKidd) isn’t the only one smitten with Dr. Avery: The sorority girls of Greek dubbed him ”the Hotness Monster” and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 featured him as a nude model.

Sarah Drew
Dr. April Kepner
The calculating overachiever usually plays far sweeter, like Everwood‘s beloved Hannah (the bookworm who won Bright’s heart) and, more recently, Mad Men‘s Kitty (the frustrated wife of secretly gay Salvatore).

Robert Baker
Dr. Charles Percy
The chatterbox who got Izzie (Katherine Heigl) fired has appeared in a slew of small-screen roles, including Hercules on The CW’s Valentine last fall and guest spots on Cold Case, Veronica Mars, Six Feet Under, and CSI.