It’s great news to hear that District 9 creator Neill Blomkamp has signed a deal with independent financier Media Rights Capital (MRC) for his next sci-fi movie. The bad news is that his next movie isn’t going to be District 10. (Not that we here at expect anything less than brilliance from the man who brought us an apartheid parable wrapped in a gory alien invasion.) My sources tell me that Sony, the studio that bought and sold District 9 to the masses, wants nothing more than a sequel to this low-budget film that has now grossed $115 million. The decision for a sequel resides with District 9 producer Peter Jackson. And when Blomkamp decides on a story for District 10, he’ll present it to Jackson and the two will kick it around until they’ve got something worth doing. Until then, Blomkamp will make another sci-fi movie and Jackson will do what Jackson does: sell his upcoming film The Lovely Bones, finish Tintin with Steven Spielberg, and get started on The Hobbit with Guillermo del Toro. Maybe Blomkamp and Jackson are probably just waiting for District 9 star Sharlto Copley to finish playing in Hollywood with his role as Murdoch in the remake of The A-Team.