In our ongoing box office coverage over on our Hollywood Insider blog, EW’s Nicole Sperling rounded up how she thinks the receipts will come in for this weekend’s biggest movie releases. And PopWatchers, it’s definitely an interesting week for theaters! Sperling predicts yet another win for the Saw franchise with Saw VI, followed closely by Paranormal Activity. But the industry is watching what happens this weekend, particularly, as out-of-nowhere hit Paranormal Activity goes wide. Could it possibly take down the mighty Saw franchise?

Sperling thinks the top five will be led, of course, by Saw VI and Paranormal Activity, followed by Where the Wild Things Are, Astro Boy, and then Cirque Du Freak. But that shake-0ut depends on whether you, the theater-goer, turns up this weekend. So, let’s do a little, totally unscientific EW polling: What are you gonna see? Answer below please! (And leave any relevant comments, if you got ’em.)

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