The original Prisoner — created by and starring Patrick McGoohan — was a brilliant, heady 1960s spy-fi concoction that defied expectation: It followed a secret agent known only as Number Six who’s exiled to a mysterious “village” that he tries vainly to escape from, and held in check by a series of minders who thwart him in various ways.

It has since its first airing become a legitimate cult classic — a clear inspiration for trippy sci-fi allegories like Lost; and there’s a reason why BSG‘s most notorious undercover operative is named Six — and a target of adaptation attempts (the most famous being by Mel Gibson). Finally, AMC stepped up and turned The Prisoner into a miniseries, starring Jim Cavaziel as the agent and Ian McKellen as his jailor, Number Two.

We haven’t seen the whole six-hour miniseries — which starts airing on Nov. 15 — but judging by this full trailer, it looks like McKellen kind of steals the show. Cavaziel conveys suffering rather well (not for nothing did Gibson choose him to play Passion‘s Jesus), and the production looks lavishly mounted, but I think The Prisoner will rise or fall on McKellen.

How does this look to you? Something you’d strap in for?