Tonight is a big night for Project Runway fans. Why? Because after eight freakin’ weeks — EIGHT WEEKS, PEOPLE! — the Holy Trinity of Judges is restored. That’s right. Michael Kors is back. Nina Garcia is still back. And Heidi … well, she never went anywhere. So come on now! Let’s hear some cheering for this blessed event!

According to Lifetime’s promo for the episode, Sir Quips A Lot himself will be doling out the parameters of the challenge from his swank Rodeo Drive address. Fancy! And what else will happen? Well, here’s a shocker: Irina says nasty stuff about her competitors, such as: “His dress looks like something an Amish woman would wear.” We don’t know for sure which of the remaining males she’s dissing, but it doesn’t really matter, considering all three (Nicolas, Logan, and Christopher) are hacks. Now, every season of every reality show known to humankind has gotta have a villain. The problem with Irina is, she’s just not that interesting a character. Especially not compared to those who have come before her on Runway. (See: Pepper, Wendy and Rice, Santino.) Are her take-downs funny? No. Is she particularly quick-witted? Negative. Have her designs consistently pushed fashion in an exciting, forward-looking direction? Hell no! So moi, I’m pretty much over her.

And jeez, what did the Amish ever do to her?

Do you agree that Irina’s gratuitous wickedness is going stale? As you’re formulating your brilliant, witty answers, check out what Shirin had to say about the Queen of Mean in Project Runway Talk.

Cheers! And … see you back here tomorrow morning for my PR TV Watch.

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