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The geek guest parade on Big Bang Theory continues: Katee “Starbuck” Sackhoff will enter the hallowed halls of geekery on the November 23 episode. Ayee!

Sackhoff isn’t the first Battlestar Galactica alum to stop by BBT: Michael “Anders” Trucco played Penny’s ex in my favorite episode of the series, “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis.” Fellow sci-fi hottie Summer Glau guest-starred, and various nerd heroes have made appearances, like last week’s guest spot from Wil Wheaton. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sackhoff will play herself as “Wolowitz’s fantasy woman” (everyone’s… fantasy… woman?).

I still haven’t gotten over my BSG withdrawal, so any Sackhoff is good news for me, and this seems like a particularly good venue: BBT is obsessed with Galactica jokes and references, and recent episodes have figured out how to show off the characters’ geekery without dismissing or ridiculing it.

What nerd hero do you want to see on BBT next? I’m still hoping they’ll feature “Symphony of Science,” but I’d settle for Bill Nye. You, PopWatchers?

Photo credit: Andy Fossum/

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