I’ve always been slightly unnerved by ventriloquists ever since, as a youngster, I saw the terrific Anthony Hopkins voice-throwing horror movie Magic. And I’d barely heard of Jeff Dunham before somebody started plastering everything in my neighborhood that remained still for 30 seconds with posters for his new show, which debuts on Comedy Central tonight.

On further investigation, however, it turns out I may be the only person on planet earth who is not a diehard Dunham fan. Maybe there are even Martians who have seen one particular routine he performs with his Achmed the Dead Terrorist puppet which has been viewed a remarkable 97 million times and which you can see below. Meanwhile, Forbes recently estimated his annual earnings at $30 million, thanks to the ventriloquist’s hugely successful tours and DVD sales.

Have you seen Dunham in the flesh? Are you excited for his show? And do you agree with me that Magic is the Citizen Kane of movies-where-you’re-not-sure-whether-the-murderer-is-Anthony-Hopkins-or-his-creepy doll?