Everyone knows Jon Gosselin kind of a tool, but I’m having trouble scoffing at him for refusing an appearance on a Florida radio station’s morning show. They apparently offered him two Applebee’s gift cards, which is a lot less than his appearance fee of a whopping $10,000-$12,000. Ten grand! Pssst, you guys, goofballs in Ed Hardy shirts will show up places for a lot less money than that.

I guess I’m supposed to pooh-pooh Jon’s asking price, because he’s basically talentless and is a scourge on society, but eh. (I’m actually more surprised that the person booking guests for the show does so through a Yahoo email address.) It doesn’t make me happy necessarily or proud of American culture at the moment, but isn’t Jon Gosselin $10,000 worth of famous? He’s, you know, really, really famous. It’s probably not lasting fame — just ask any former Real Worlder, if you can remember any of their names — nor is it something the collective public ought to be proud of, this desire to elevate someone’s profile so we can more gleefully contribute to their demise. But it’s there.

Save your money, radio show, and instead of booking Jon twice, buy yourself a cupcake car. It’ll probably last longer, and it’s much more fun than a halfway divorced manchild father of eight who wears garish CZ earrings. You’re with me, right, PopWatchers? Cupcake cars for all?

Image: Splash News

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