Art-rock all-stars Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their iTunes Original sessions yesterday, which includes acoustic versions of their popular songs—clearly, “Maps” has been begging for the official acoustic treatment since 2004—as well as interviews and previously-available studio tracks.

Between tracks, Karen O and her bandmates share stories about gestating the songs spotlighted here. Discussing the fabulously kitschy video for “Heads Will Roll,” O says the band knew they wanted some sort of “glam rock murder” theme and, “Because we were in London, I thought why not throw a werewolf in there?” Warren Zevon is smiling somewhere. If you haven’t seen it before, check out “Heads Will Roll” here:

Overall, this iTunes session is the kind of thing you would be delighted to hear on NPR, but probably not something you want to fork over $10 for unless you’re a die-hard YYYs fan. Then again, you could just grab the exclusive acoustic tracks for a reasonable $5.25 (thanks to Pitchfork for figuring out that math).

Anyone planning on picking this one up? Have you bought any iTunes Originals before—past entries have come from R.E.M., Fiona Apple and The Flaming Lips—and if so, do the songs make regular appearances on your playlists?

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