Credit: Walter McBride/Retna ltd

This week, the Onion A.V. published an interview that quotes actor Bronson Pinchot saying that Tom Cruise made “constant unrelated homophobic comments” while the two were on the set of 1983’s Risky Business. Cruise’s rep responded today, telling EW, “Obviously, this is so far removed from who Tom Cruise is as a person, this must have been said in jest.”

Pinchot, perhaps best known as Balki from the 1980s TV series Perfect Strangers, made the comments to A.V. Club during a discussion about the actor’s storied resume, which also includes films Beverly Hills Cop, True Romance, and The First Wives’ Club.

In addition to the negative comments about Cruise, Pinchot is also quoted as saying Denzel Washington is “one of the most unpleasant human beings I’ve ever met.” Washington’s rep says the actor has no comment.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride/Retna ltd