It’s been building to this for weeks: The lumbering arthritic bear Clay wants violent revenge on Adam Ethan Zobelle. The dexterous blond Zen-master Jax wants to go a more strategic route. Put these two SAMCRO pros in orange jump-suits in prison, and things were bound to get ugly. Last night’s lengthy, climactic Sons of Anarchy fight — complete with elbows to face, boots to face, choke-holds and bear-hugs — was pretty close to better than anything on Ultimate Fighter. Kudos to Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman (and their stunt-men?) for really tearing into each other.

I thought I was going to dislike putting members of the motorcycle club in jail: How many movies and TV shows have we seen with rival criminal gangs struggled for protection, sex, and graft? But last night’s SOA was just about as good as a solid episode of HBO’s long-gone Oz.

And the separate interrogations of Clay and Jax by Ally Walker’s ATF agent Stahl were full of excellent psychological violence, as she tried to break each down — but Jax proved a worthy foe here, too.

As Bobby said, “This club needs a healing, brother.”

Yesterday in my post about Tuesday night being a TV wasteland, some commenters and Twitter-birds too me to task for not mentioning Sons of Anarchy. I should have been clearer: I meant broadcast, network TV. Over on basic cable, a series like Sons of Anarchy can save a night.

Did you watch?