Why don’t you want to see Amelia? It stars a two-time Oscar winner in a role that seems right in her wheelhouse. It’s helmed by a talented female director and features a recognizable supporting cast of handsome faces. But according to a poll at Box Office Mojo, only 6 percent of people intend to see the film this weekend and 43 percent have no intention of EVER seeing it! Really? Ever?

I acknowledge that the film’s initial trailer was littered with trite dialogue, but three new online clips (embedded below) hint of a sweet love story and Amelia Earhart’s joie de vivre. Maybe these sneak-peeks can puncture the inexplicable negativity surrounding this film?

Why do you think people have such little interest in Amelia? Is this a reflection of folks’ impressions of Hilary Swank, and if so, what’s yer beef? After a long summer of mindless blockbusters, I’d think most people would be looking forward to the first wave of Oscar hopefuls. Or at least more than 6 percent. Please explain.