The best part of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York has always been Bethenny Frankel, who took center stage in the show’s second season with her quips, bulldog attitude, and handling of the “Kell-amity” that is Kelly Bensimon. She was always the one fighting for her pride — whether it involved a salacious N.Y. Post article or the perpetual snark about her singlehood (ahem, Ramona).

Well, now that Frankel’s has her own series in the works, along with an engagement and baby on the way, the other Housewives are probably biting their tongues. Between the Countess’ failed marriage and Alex’s weirder-than-weird husband, Simon, it seems like Frankel has one of the more solid relationships of the bunch.

It’ll be a long while — sometime in 2010 — before we see her again on season 3 of the series, so in the meantime, let’s re-live some of those hilarious one-liners:

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